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A new paradigm of geoscience consulting

Artificial Intelligence (AI) now comprises an integral part of our day-to-day lives and has become a critical success factor for the O&G, Energy, and Mining industries. In geoscience, it is the moment to change the mindset and shift to a new paradigm of “Subsurface Intelligence”, which will enable capturing new and better insights from subsurface data, achieving enhanced risk analysis and resource assessment, and performing faster and more informed decision-making processes.

Maximize the insight obtained from subsurface data

At Kognitus, we specialize in automating workflows and solving subsurface problems by integrating traditional geoscience methods with cutting-edge AI open-source and proprietary tools.
Besides extensive expertise in AI technologies, our team has comprehensive experience in geostatistics, petrophysics, basin and reservoir modeling, risk and uncertainty analysis, and seismic interpretation. In addition, we benefit from in-depth international knowledge and leading innovation capability.

Our “Subsurface Intelligence” services fit customer needs and comprise fully integrated or specialized studies, technical assistance, advisory services, expert opinions, and on-the-job training services. Our experience includes projects in a variety of areas, such as:

  • Rock properties prediction and propagation in reservoir grids using ML algorithms.
  • Petroleum system uncertainties and risk assessment using basin modeling and ML algorithms.
  • Automated seismic interpretation using CNN algorithms.
  • Automated well log correlation at scale
  • Prediction of missing well log curves using RNN and LSTM algorithms 
  • Seismic inversion using CNN algorithms trained with synthetic data generated by Markov-Chain simulation
  • Seismic data compression using autoencoders
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