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In the front line of innovation

Kognitus helps O&G, Energy, and Mining companies turn cutting-edge AI technology into transformative technical business solutions.
By bringing together the best startup mindset, academic experience, and industry expertise, we accelerate the transformation of research into innovation, overcome our partners’ and clients’ most pressing technical and business challenges, and develop solutions with high added value for O&G, Energy, and Mining industries.

Kognitus plays a pivotal role in the innovation process at the interplay of research and industry leaders. Our collaboration network encompasses industrial (e.g., AWS, NVidia, Google, Ellis, Oracle, OpenSim) and academic partners worldwide (e.g., UFRJ, UFF, LNCC, University of Geneva).


Innovation at speed and scale

Decision-makers today face volatile and uncertain markets, fluctuating budgets, and high job rotation. Business cycles are getting tighter, making the ability to move quickly from decision to action and from research to innovation a decisive competitive advantage.
Kognitus is the right partner to realize and test your ideas in a supportive and guided environment to make them quickly integrated into your day-to-day operations. Our experience in dealing with applied AI and innovation will drastically speed up your time to value or time to market.

Our RD&I approach proceeds through Proofs-of-Concept (PoC), which forms the technical experimentations’ backbone to find effective innovations. Developing PoCs quickly and cheaply, and scaling the right PoC, is our strategy to reach incremental and strategic innovation.

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