E&P Decisions Powered by AI

AI in Oil & Gas Sector


Techniques to help O&G companies gain actionable insights from their subsurface data, enabling better and faster decisions and transforming the upstream business.

Through a growing team of highly skilled and experienced professionals and a network of industry and academia partnerships, Kognitus brings together the best of startup mindset, cutting-edge technology and deep O&G expertise.

Félix Gonçalves

Senior executive, entrepreneur and geoscientist with 30+ years of richly varied experience in the O&G and Technology industries.

François Lafferriere

Geo/datascientist and entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in technology and software development and sales in the O&G industry.

Eduardo Gaspar

Systems Analyst with 20 years of experience in software development in the fields of Big Data, Data Science, AI and VR applied to petroleum E&P.


Oil and gas companies should understand the need for flexibility and be abreast of new technologies and systems that can help them optimize processes, minimize expenses, and increase productivity.

Kognitus developed NAUTILUS®

The first cloud-native AI platform that enables geoscientists and petroleum engineers to effectively collaborate with data scientists.


Helps geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists and reservoir and production engineers quickly analyze and interpret large-volume subsurface datasets using the latest cloud computing technology and AI/machine learning techniques.


AI platform, E&P asset teams can easily incorporate AI into their subsurface modeling workflows and combine physics with advanced analytics without having to write code.


Kognitus developed DigitalSprint®, a training and mentoring platform that integrates and enhances elements of Design Sprint, Lean Startup, Hackathon and Agile methods and processes.
DigitalSprint® innovative approach, O&G companies can identify rapid deployment/high ROI solutions, reduce time elapsed from idea to product, provide a development base for O&G professionals and promote team engagement and effective cross-business cooperation.
Kognitus idealized and organized the 1st Hackathon for petroleum E&P. During two days of hard work and excitement, 30+ participants developed innovative solutions to real problems in the upstream O&G industry.


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