We drive digital transformation by combining the power of data analytics, artificial intelligence and technology.


Headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, KOGNITUS is a technology company that leverages a wide range of analytics and AI techniques to help business organizations improve processes, products and services, reduce costs and increase revenues.

Through an extensive network of industry and academia partnerships, KOGNITUS gives organizations unparalleled access to cutting-edge technology and a deep domain expertise.


Through a growing team of dedicated professionals, KOGNITUS brings together the best of startup mindset and experience across multiple industries.


François Lafferriere has been working in the software development for the O&G industry during more than 15 years and assumed technical and management leadership in several successful international ventures.

Félix Gonçalves is seasoned executive and entrepreneur with 30+ years of a richly varied experience in the Oil & Energy and Technology industries. Acknowledged geoscientist, he hold executive positions at Vale, EMC and Solintec


The confluence of analytical technologies and artificial intelligence has allowed organizations to transform raw data into strategic insights. KOGNITUS help companies gain actionable insights from their data that enable more informed decisions, accelerate performance and transform the business. Our team assist companies through a range of services including:

  • Data warehouse (ETL, data acquisition, organization, cleansing, validation and transformation)
  • Data Mining (Anomaly Detection, Predictive Analytics, Clustering, and Association and Sequence Analysis)
  • Forecasting (including Time Series Methods)
  • Text Analytics (including Social Media Analytics)
  • Data visualization, reporting and dashboard development and customization
  • Strategy, roadmap creation and proof of concepts


KOGNITUS help enterprises turn cutting-edge AI technology into transformative business solutions. Through strategic partnerships with university research groups, and private R&D teams, technology companies and startups, we are able to develop customized AI solutions and technologies that allows enterprises to quickly deploy AI capabilities and turn it into concrete value.
KOGNITUS unlock the value of your data by building solutions that are easily integrated into your existing processes.

  • We assist you in the identification of key areas where AI solutions will have maximum impact.
  • We unlock the value of your data with analytics and derive meaningful actionable insights.
  • We apply agile methodologies and a lean mindset to quickly deploy AI capabilities and customized applications.


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