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A one-stop-shop for developing AI and geoscience software

Kognitus provides intelligent software solutions to the O&G, Energy, and Mining industries by integrating in-house technical and coding expertise with academic and industrial partners’ technologies.

Our experts combine business vision with scientific reasoning, advanced technology, and a rigorous engineering approach to provide scalable and robust solutions and deliver value quickly and efficiently.

Tailored Solutions and Scientific support when you need it

Our team of skilled geoscientists and software developers with extensive experience in the O&G, Energy and Mining industries can help you materialize your ideas, confront your doubts, and help you overcome your technical and business challenges.

In addition, combining our expert engineering and design guidance with prototyping capabilities can shorten the development cycle and improve the product design process.
To meet the demand for robust, agile, user-friendly, and always up-to-date technologies and solutions, Kognitus can offer fit-for-purpose software solutions. From desktop applications to cloud-native platforms, from solutions explicitly designed to enhance processes, to generic platforms capable of building distinct workflows.

In its software solutions, Kognitus integrates in-house technical and coding expertise with academic and industrial partners’ technologies to generate the tools that will make your company more competitive and your collaborators more efficient.

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